Family : Family Rules And Health

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Family Midterm: Family Rules and Health A general overview of the rules and family health lecture is about the communication in families about health topics. Such as talking to kids about sex and alcohol abuse, responsibilities of taking care of an aging member of the family, social support, and briefly mentions how people grieve differently after a family member passes away. During the class lecture I have chosen three concepts that I consider important to help discuss CPM theory. The first idea that I have chosen is the Life Span Perspective, which focuses on how we adapt our communication behaviors based on the changes that families experience throughout the lifespan (Turner & West, 2006). For example, when a child is in middle school…show more content…
Being an emotional supporter for someone is difficult because the supporter may also become affected emotionally. This could lead to one needing to tell the secret about an ill family member if one is having a hard time coping emotionally with the secret. I will be connecting family rules and health to Communication Privacy Management theory. The Communication Privacy Management theory is about the revealing or concealing of family private information through the use of boundaries and rules. A family has to provide rules or boundaries when communicating secrets to the immediate family, if that information should be shared or kept a secret. In Chapter 3, it discusses that Communication Privacy Management discusses that holding or telling private information could benefit or harm the family (Braithwaite& Baxter, 2006). In regard to CPM, some concepts that are prominent to my topic are Boundary Turbulence, Ownership and Control, and Coordinating Mutual Boundaries. These concepts will create connections between family health to Communication Privacy Management. In CPM, Boundary Turbulence has to do with the fuzzy and awry boundaries that are violated (Huisman, 2017). Revealing information that should stay in the family gets violated when the secret is known to the outside world creates a disturbance in the boundaries that have been set. In Chapter 3, “family members
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