Family Focus Mission Statement

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Family Focus The concept of caring for children by strengthening and support their families was championed by Chicago’s Bernice Weissbourd, a leading scholar in the field of early child development. In 1970, Ms. Weissbourd became convinced that family support was an idea whose time had come and took the lead. Family Focus was born in 1976 when Bernice Weissbourd and her mostly volunteer staff opened a small drop-in center for parents with young children. Family Focus grew quickly, opening new centers and developing new programs in response to community needs. Explain how you engaged the organization and social worker. I googled several of organizations and for the first three organizations I called and they never called me back. Then, I found Mrs. Victoria Jones. She works for DCFS, she was happy to help me with the interview, but the organization’s website had a complicated annual report. So, I decided to select Family Focus which is closer to school and I got in touch with Joderle Rousseau. Mission and Purpose Family Focus mission is to promote the well-being of children from birth by supporting and strengthening families in and with their communities. Family Focus also helps parents gain confidence and competence as the primary caregivers and educators of their children. They provide parents and their children with critical resources and learning opportunities to encourage healthy development in their communities. Location, size of the organization, number of
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