Family Focused Therapy Models Within The Context Of Grief And Bereavement

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze family focused therapy models within the context of grief and bereavement. Of note, bereavement and grief often accompany a wide variety of losses however, this paper will specifically focus on the physical loss or death of an immediate family member. First, this paper will provide a brief background of bereavement, illustrating the stages of grief and potential consequences. Additionally, it will examine the role of family in relation to the experience of bereavement. Next, this paper will explore attachment theory and systems theory and how they can be utilized to understand and evaluate bereavement within a familial context. This will lead to a comparison of two theories often used when disserting…show more content…
Typically the individual experiences misplaced feelings and attempts to place blame. The third stage of grief is bargaining in which the individual is able to recognize that the circumstances cannot be undone, but are still unable to accept what has occurred. The fourth stage of grief is depression where the individual begins to comprehend the permanence of death and often disconnects in an attempt to avoid retraumatization. Lastly, the fifth stage of grief is acceptance. It is during this stage that the individual comes to terms with their loss and resumes stability (Kubler-Ross, 1969). While grief and bereavement are often a very personal, individualized experience it is important to note the influence, both negative and positive that the family system holds. Familial composition, circumstances and environment are all factors that possess the potential to influence the course of bereavement.

Attachment and Systems Theory

Attachment is commonly defined as an emotional bond that connects two people (Ma, 2006; McLeod, 2009). ADD. Attachment theory offers a developmental model for conceptualizing emotional distress and symptomatic behavior as an adaptive response to emotion insecurity in parent-child relationships. Recent developments reveal empirically supported data in the application of attachment based family therapy to the treatment of family distress, such as that experienced in the event of

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