Family Focused Therapy Models Within The Context Of Grief And Bereavement

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze family focused therapy models within the context of grief and bereavement. Of note, bereavement and grief often accompany a wide variety of losses however, this paper will specifically focus on the physical loss or death of an immediate family member. First, this paper will provide a brief background of bereavement, illustrating the stages of grief and potential consequences. Additionally, it will examine the role of family in relation to the experience of bereavement. Next, this paper will explore attachment theory and systems theory and how they can be utilized to understand and evaluate bereavement within a familial context. This will lead to a comparison of two theories often used when disserting bereavement and family therapy: Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) and Family Focused Grief Therapy (FFGT). Finally, a brief overview of several methodological issues and ethical concerns as well as the lack of empirically supported research in relation to the topic will be presented. The intention of this paper is not to argue whether one therapeutic model is preferred or more effective than the other, but simply to review the literature regarding bereavement and family therapy.

Bereavement and the Role of Family

Bereavement is considered to be the process of grieving and accepting the loss of a loved one who has died. More often than not it is associated with suffering and consequently may be experienced as a mental, physical,…
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