Family Food Traditions : Jack Malloy

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November 3, 2015 ---- We are sitting down to dinner with Jack Malloy to discuss important family food traditions. Jack is 59 years of age and has been a widower for just shy of 20 years. Jack is the catering director at a local Yacht and Country Club. His daughter, Marie Malloy, a 32 year old, unmarried Fortune 50 business professional, joins us. Jack appears happy and talkative as he makes conversation with us and Marie behaves in a similar fashion, but seems slightly more tense than one would expect based on her relaxed conversational tone. Jack expressed before her arrival that Marie’s professional life, while rewarding, tends to be extraordinarily stressful this time of year. Jack and Marie have both consented to allowing us…show more content…
“Tell us about this meal, how is it significant to you? Or is it?” asks one of the observation team. Marie pauses and delicately places her fork on the rim of her plate. We see her raise an eyebrow and glance at her father. “Well, nothing really. We both like to cook together and try new flavors, “ she says matter of factly, “Dad has been in the restaurant industry longer than I’ve been alive and surrounded by some of the most talented chefs on the East Coast. That provides some unique opportunities to learn and pass on.” Jack thoughtfully swallows a mouthful of pork loin, reflecting on his daughter’s comment. “Cooking in and of itself has always been an important activity in our household, not so much what is being cooked. We certainly have traditional meals from time to time, like corned beef and cabbage- very Irish. Sauerbraten and red cabbage…very German. But it’s the cooking of the meal that is so important. The gathering in the kitchen.” Marie nods in agreement. “Even though it’s just the two of here now, the kitchen has always been a very central gathering place for our family, “ Jack continues sagely. “When Marie was young and her mother still alive, she would do her homework right over there,” he says motioning to a counter end with high stool sitting empty, “And her mother and I would cook dinner every night, discuss our days, talk to Marie about
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