Family Function

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The definition of family is defined in various ways to many different people. Many people may say their family includes the family of orientation, extended family, and family of procreation. It all depends on how the child is raised. Three important factors, out of six, that I consider to be the main functions of family are socialization, economic cooperation, and care, protection, and intimacy. Some families may very well address these functions, while others may not. And because of that, family may be quite hard to define because it goes above and beyond the surface.
According to Swartz and Scott (2009), family is defined as a group of people related to each other by blood, marriage, adoption or being sexually open in a relationship. The
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I was on my best behavior. And there was no such thing as always being happy like I was when I am at home with my parents. I learned what it was like to be picked on, be mad, angry, happy, and develop friendships. I think my family addressed this function well, because I have matured to be able to communicate and socialize with all those around me, which includes how to act and feel.
Economic cooperation involves a family’s responsibility to provide for everyone’s physical and economic well being (Swartz & Scott, 2009). In history, families work in the field, as agriculturists and farmers to provide food. They also sold products that were farmed to provide money, shelter, and clothes. However, it is different nowadays. Now, both or either men and or women go to work to receive an income to help provide for their families.
When I was younger, my mom stayed home and worked at home and earned little income, while my dad worked at a factory and earned most of the income. But as our family grew, and the children got older, there were certain necessities needed such as bigger clothes, shoes, more food, and a bigger home. Therefore, my mom had to find a different job with a higher pay. Both of my parents did work and still work to provide most of the income for our family. When I got older and turned the legal age to work full time, I helped provide my parents the income in the family to help pay for small bills such as electricity,
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