Family Genogram Paper

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A Genogram is more than just a picture; it is a pictorial display of a certain person’s family relationship. It is much more than a basic family tree because it shows the hereditary patterns within the family dating back to however long you want It to be. The Genogram that I made dated back to my grandparents and then down to my parents and so on. I never really thought about the statement “when you walk into a room, your people walk in with you”. (Warren-Carter, Mary) However, once I heard it and started to think about it, I came to the realization that it does make a lot of sense. In my opinion, the people that she is referring to is my family. What this statement means to me is that anywhere I go I will always bring my family and my family…show more content…
My grandmother (or as I like to call “Abuela”) has been going to church for most of her life. My grandmother goes to Sunday service almost every week and she tries to attend bible studies during the week when she isn’t too busy. She tries to read the bible almost every night and pray on her bedside. Without a doubt in my mind she will pray for everyone in our family, the less fortunate people around the world, and will also ask Jesus for more strength to continue working at 78 years of age. She also attempts to live a Christian worthy life day in and day out and does not let the problems in the world or in her life affect her or the smile that she has on her face every day towards everyone. However, my grandmother does have one flaw that affects her and the way her family treats her. She is 78 years old and is still working, and at times chooses her job or her love for money over her own family. On important dates like Christmas eve, Christmas day, and New Year’s eve, she would rather go to work than spend it with her family. Due to this, her own family gets upset of her and at times don’t want anything to do with her. This has been going on for a while now and I don’t think that It is something that is ever going to change. My grandmother is a very church influenced person but that one flaw that she has prevents her sometimes from getting all the love and care…show more content…
My father is just like my grandfather in almost every aspect of their lives. In my opinion, I think that my father got most of his qualities from my grandfather. My grandfather is loving and caring with his whole family and you will always see him involved in family actives. He is just as hardworking as my father and taught my father how nothing is ever free and you have to work for everything in life. That is exactly the same thing that my father has taught me as I was growing up. My grandfather came from a small and poor place in Cuba called, Pinar Del Rio. However, with a lot of hard work and sacrifice he was able to move and relocate most of his family down to Havana, Cuba or somewhere near there. After moving down to a city he knew nothing about, my grandfather had to start from scratch and make a way of life. Just like my father, my grandfather never said no to anyone and would always find a way to help everyone out. My grandfather and my father both have many of the same qualities and looking at them side by side everyone can agree how similar they are to each other. Like my father, everyone in my family can agree that my grandfather is a great person and loved by his whole family. In addition, his kids and grandkids love him so much to the point that they paid for him to get an open visa to be able to fly from Cuba to the United States as many times as he wants because of
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