Family Group Community Analysis

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In today’s circle we first meditated which I desperately needed because I was so excited that I had finally gotten my license. The circle today went extremely well I thought Catie and Rahsaan did great. I liked the check-in question. It was ironic because my friend had asked me the same question two hours before class. Their circle helped me clarify the reading a bit more. I know that family group conference focused on face-to-face encounter involving offenders and their families, the victims and their supporters, a police representative, and etc…. Most of us during the circle had the same answers to the questions. Mainly because the information we were giving out was mostly likely from the readings and personal experience. The circle was also melancholy…show more content…
I was surprised to hear such things. It left me with messages. I am still thinking how anybody could keep sane after those experience. Furthermore, I liked their idea about using stickys on the picture frame. I wanted to write more than my mom. There's one other person who I would have liked to include and that would have been the Captain Rief from the Upper Darby Police Department. He is one of the major reason why I am going for a degree in criminal justice. Moreover, during the reading I was thinking aren’t family group conferences already included in the public school system. But it is more focused on the punishment. If it were more focused on the consequence and the healing these conference would have most likely prevent recidivism. I like the line on page 260 where it says “Involving community groups as part of the overall Conference process gives them an opportunity to work a cooperative way that will enhance their effectiveness, avoid duplication of services, and enable them to provide a “no gap” service…”. It made me think of team work
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