Family Guy By Seth Macfarlane

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“Family Guy” is an animated sitcom that is intended for an older viewing audience. This show was created by Seth MacFarlane and the first episode aired on Fox on January 31st, 1999. The show takes place in a fictional town named Quahog, in the state of Rhode Island and it has 6 main characters featured in every episode. Who are Peter and Lois Griffin the parents, Meg, Chris, and Stewie the children and the talking pet dog Brian. This comedy is a very popular one and now airs on fox, adult swim, and several other television networks. In most episodes of this show, you can find the producers ragging on the American culture in various ways.
Episode seventeen in season two of “Family Guy” is titled “He’s Too Sexy for His Fat.” In this episode, the overweight teenage son named Chris beings to get picked on for his size. After constantly being teased, Chris decides that he wants to begin exercising to get into shape and lose some weight. Peter, also overweight, puts his son on a diet with an exercise plan. After seeing no results, he takes his son to a plastic surgeon to help him lose the weight he wants, but Chris turns it down. In turn, Peter gets the liposuction surgery, has butt implants and several other things done to himself. Peter turns into a very conceited “beautiful” person. While all of these things are going on, Stewie beings taunting Chris and ends up with an eating problem that makes him also makes him overweight. Other typical American family problems also occur
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