Family Guy Character Analysis

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Family Guy, an Analytical Review by Caleb Packard
I am not allowed to watch much TV. Therefore, I must be super selective about what I watch. While I could waste a lot of time watching Duck Dynasty, when it comes to choosing a show, Family Guy is my top selection. I think the popular cartoon comedy Family Guy, written by Seth MacFarlane, is one of the best shows still running today.
Among currently running animated sitcoms, there are a few that have current connections to people and events. Most famous of this genre of shows are South Park and Family Guy. Unlike South Park, which follows a group of friends at school, Family Guy is about a family. The Griffin family consists of parents Peter and Lois, their children Chris, Meg, Stewie, and the family dog, Brian. Instead of showcasing the adventures of an individual struggling to balance impulses and responsibilities, Family Guy focuses on the dynamics created by family members who are extreme in their personality traits and very different from each other. Peter, the father, is impulsive, incompetent, and easily excitable. Lois is the stereotypical responsible mother and wife. Meg is a classic case of a teenage girl struggling to fit in at high school. Chris is your average awkward and immature teenage boy. Stewie, the precocious baby, is by far the smartest and most cunning of the cast. Interestingly, the screenwriters often drop hints that he is gay. He is eager to assume adult responsibilities and motivated to have
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