Family Health Assessment Essay

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Wilma J Barboza
NRS 429V Family Health Assessment
Grand Canyon University

Family Health Assessment plays significant role in formulating an appropriate healthcare plan within a family setup. An appropriate health assessment is utilized as a tool for the evaluation of health issues for understanding health choices and assistance in making appropriate health - related choices for a targeted family. Every family is unique having variety of perceptions and different ways of life style. Health care professionals and nurses play an important role in promoting health care for the family. The term family represents children and biological parents living together in a most harmonious way. These family members need to adapt to
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The family further revealed consumption of heavy meals consists of spicy food, intake of caffeine, smoking, and use of tobacco before bedtime. When asked about the sleep and rest patterns, the parents indicated a potential problem. They reported the difficulty in falling asleep, awakening early or late than desired. They also reported frequent night time awakening, and not feeling well rested the next day. During the survey the parents as well as the children showed visual signs of dark circles around the eyes, frequent yawning, increased irritability, slowed response time and problem solving deficiencies.


Digestive tract is mainly affected by external and internal environmental imbalances as a result of poor diet, amount of stress level, poor eating habits, and not taking appropriate medications. The family complained about their children having digestive disorders that resulted in infrequent bowel movements. The main culprit was the food they consumed contained large amount of starch (rice) and lower level of fibers (fruits and vegetables). The family also revealed existence of digestive disorders in their family which passed on to them. Poor healthy choices aggravated their bowel movements and resulted in frequent gastric troubles, abdominal pain and constipation. Due to Indian cultural values the family relied mainly on home remedies by drinking ginger water, and

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