Family Health Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment
Laura L. Cooper
Grand Canyon University: NRS 429V
August 23, 2011

Family Health Assessment The term family brings to mind a visual image of adults and children living together in a harmonious manner, although this may not be the case for all. The “typical” family, two biological parents and children, has changed over time. Families are as diverse as the individuals that compose them, and clients have deeply ingrained values about their families that deserve respect. The family is the primary social context in which health promotion and disease prevention takes place, as the family’s beliefs, values, and practices strongly influence the health behavior of its
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The parents also stated that for punishment the children decide on the terms of the consequences and they have to state why they chose those consequences.
Self-perception/Self-Concept Pattern The family stated that they are optimists. The son stated that he wished he did not have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as he thought it would be better for his family.
Role/Relationship Pattern The family stated that the only member that requires more attention than others is the teenage son. The son states he does well in school and does not get in trouble a lot at home. The son has numerous friends in the neighborhood that he plays with. The mother has the roles of wife and mother, she does not work out of the home. The father has roles of husband, father, and soldier.

Sexuality/Reproductive Pattern The husband and wife stated that they do not want more children and that the husband had a vasectomy a few years ago. The mother stated she does monthly breast exams and she is not of age yet for a mammogram. When asked about teaching their teenage son about the topic of sex it became clear that this was a touchy subject and that they are not prepared to have this conversation with him yet.

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