Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment: Mohr Family
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion
February 28, 2016

Family Health Assessment: Mohr Family
The Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns Assessment is a very useful tool in assessing and evaluating a family’s established health patterns. This enables the health care provider an inside look at the overall health of the family and assist them in setting goals for better health outcomes for the entire family. The Mohr family consists of the father, 35 years old, the mother, also 35 years old, a son, 9 years old, and a daughter, 6 years old. An assessment of the Mohr family was conducted asking three opened ended questions based on each of Gordon’s 11 functional health
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After assessing the responses provided by the Mohr family, there are two wellness nursing diagnosis that would be beneficial to this family. The first would be readiness for enhanced family coping (Weber, 2005). Some defining characteristics for this nursing diagnosis include moving in the direction of enhancing their lifestyle and health promotion as well as choosing experiences that optimize wellness (NANDA, 2012). While the family values communication and the parents openly communicate with one another about issues facing the family, there is very little communicated to the children about what exactly is going on. Children are known to be extremely intuitive, and while they might not know the exact circumstances they are able to understand when something is not “right” at home or with a family member. The main intervention that would be helpful with this family would be to help the parents to provide concise information about the situation at hand and be aware of what the children may already know (NANDA, 2012). It is very important to always remain honest when giving information. Next, help the parents find ways for the children to teach their children anxiety reduction techniques (NANDA, 2012). Not only will these techniques help them when faced with serious issues at home, but they will also be beneficial in

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