Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Open-Minded, Family Focused Questions:
I interviewed my dad on all11 Functional Health Patters.
Values, health perception:
1. Do you have any past medical history like surgery or chronic illness?
2. Do you use tobacco, alcohol or drugs?
3. Are you taking any prescription/nonprescription medications?
4. What religion are you?
5. Is there any religious restrictions or practices?
1. Are you in any kind of diet?
2. Do you take any vitamins/supplements?
3. Do you have any difficulty swallowing?
1. How many hours do you sleep?
2. Do you take any medication to sleep?
3. Do you have any sleep apnea?
1. How often do you have
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Health Perception is asking patient about their past medical history such as past surgery, illnesses, chronic disease, Immunization, use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs. Does patient take any prescription/nonprescription drugs and do they have any allergy to medicine. Knowing patients religion and religion restriction can be very useful to the nurse. As a nurse always good to know patients height and weight. When it comes to nutrition some patients have some diet restrictions. For example low cholesterol, low sodium, diabetic diet. There are patients with decreased appetite unable to tolerate food due to decreased taste or some health condition. Nutrition can affect a person health if a person has swallowing or chewing difficulties. In this case tube feeding is required.
When assessing a patient, nurses ask patient about their bowel habits. How often does he/she move their bowel. Do they have diarrhea, constipation. Bladder habits are they able to urinate or they have incontinence. Exercise is a good way to stay healthy. If a person is unable to do any kind of exercise daily their body becomes weak. Sleeping habits are not same for everyone. Some people have to take medication to fall asleep. Some have to watch television, read, listen to music and drink warm liquid like milk to fall asleep.
When doing a cognitive assessment on a patient nurses look for how alert is the patient, is he/she drowsy or lethargic. How is the patient’s

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