Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Family health and wellness can be influenced by many factors such as society, culture, religion, and family members. Somehow, society, culture, religion and families are connected to each other. To understand an individual, it’s important to understand the family system of an individual. Health practices, whether effective or ineffective, are activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to promote health and prevent disease (Edelman, 2010). A family health assessment tool provides us an opportunity to understand the family members’ correlation between each other’s, and also helps healthcare provider to formulate a plan of care that is appropriate to the patient. Effective health assessment considers
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Once in a while family does have their pizza, sodas, and cadies as a treat.
Family has developed the capabilities to stand, walk well, pull her pants up and down, and is recognizing the need to eliminate, which are signs of readiness for toilet training (Feldman, 2006). Various methods should be used to help a child become potty-trained. Some methods will be successful, whereas some will not. If a child is not ready to be trained, these methods can be tried again at a later time. Mother does have IBS Irritable bowel syndrome which causes constipation once in a while. Family has integrated many foods with fiber into diet to maintain healthy bowl.
The presence of obesity among older preschoolers has increased significantly over the past twenty years mostly due to lack of activity (London, 2007). Children should engage in moderate physical activity like bike riding or walking, at least a half an hour a day more than five days a week. The family should plan fun physical activities such as playing catch or even chasing each other (London, 2007). Mother doesn’t not let her children watch TV for more than 2 hours daily and take children to play outside every evening.. As the children get older they will engage themselves in high risk activities such as snowboarding, and rock climbing. On summer days, the children can go swimming as well, and on winter days children can enroll in indoor basketball classes. The father likes to do cycling

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