Family Health Assessment Essay

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Emily.Lee.Week4.Family Health Assessment Grand Canyon University: N429 May 12, 2013 Questions How would you describe your overall health? What are most important things you do to keep yourself healthy? What are your basic food intakes consist of? How is your appetite? Any weight gain or loss recently? How many hours do you sleep? Do you use any sleep aids? Any relaxation must before going to bed? Any ritual before going to bed? How is your elimination pattern? Do you have any problem with urination or bowel control? Use any laxatives? What do you do on your spare time? How will you describe your overall mobility? Use any hearing aid or reading glasses? What is primary language? Do you read newspaper or watch news? Any…show more content…
When I make really good soup, they have seconds and no leftovers” (J. Lee, personal communication, May 9, 2013). No one in the family has food allergies, diet restrictions or any physical disabilities that interfere with daily food intake. Alcohol consumption is not very popular for this family. Occasional drinks are consumed “maybe five times a year, we just don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol” (S. Lee, personal communication, May 9, 2013). This family member did not experience obvious weight gain or weight loss they were concerned about. All members are very conscientious about physical appearance and do keep healthy active lifestyles and ingest healthy meals. When discussing the function of the bowel and bladder issues, S. Lee says, “We are very regular. My wife and I take Metamucil regularly to keep our bowels active. We suffered several constipations many years back, had to use enemas to eliminate. That was very painful and embarrassing. Metamucil was recommend by our doctor and we never miss taking it. Your mom suffered hemorrhoids for many years until she had them removed. We have no problem going once a day or more sometime” (S. Lee, personal communication, May 9, 2013). An active lifestyle keeps them feeling young and promotes wellness. They jog two to three miles on weekends when both are off from work. No weights are involved or visits to the gym for this couple. They enjoy going to the movie theater followed by eating

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