Family Health Assessment : Family Assessment Essay

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Family Health Assessment Family is so important in the society and it is a blessing from God. Healthy behaviors learn from within the family and family member’s stimulus one to each other with health promotion practices. There fore, the health behaviors are very essential in the family assessment and which notifies health-promotion and disease-prevention. Within families, members will be the first one to learn about to promoting health. Families have impact on children’s lifestyle choices. The American Academy of Pediatrics insists health providers to include families in decision-making and involving in children’s care and education ("Review of the book Committee on Hospital Care and Institute for Patient-and-Family-Centered Care," 2012, p. 8). Nurses have a significant role in families’ health progress. Complete family assessment will provide the information’s about family’s health risk factors, strength, disease prevention and promotion. A Family Assessment by Gordon’s Eleven Health Patterns
Gordon’s health patterns are family assessment information’s emphasis on developmental phases and the risk factors affected in the family’s health. This is an important tool for nurses to assess and evaluate the family’s traditional health patterns. The family I selected is an Asian Indian family. This paper is going to discuss about health patterns of Mr. Raju Fernandez family. Raju is 37-year-old port polio manager working in a financial company and his wife is Mary also
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