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Family Health Assessment The family assessment involves a simultaneous data collection on individual family members or if able the whole family. The nurses and other healthcare professionals interview individuals and family as a whole to understand and assess the health of the family. This interview help professionals detecting the possible origin or factors contributes to the family’s health problems. The Gordon’s functional health pattern will be used as a model to collect and organize data about the dysfunctional and functional behaviors of the Laredo’s family. Mrs. Maria Laredo served as the primary contributor of her family health data during this interview. At the end of this interview, the nurse must have an idea on how…show more content…
Mexican food is rich in salt, fat, sugar and has a high carbohydrate contents, Maria managed to modify their food style. Her observation of meals served to her patients in the facility where she works and from the suggestion of her daughter, Camilla helps her track the nutrients and caloric counts of the food she cooks. As the interviews go on, she added in this section, that her mother died from breast cancer and Leon’s father has diabetes and the maternal sides were all tendencies to gain more weight. Drinking 8-glasses of fluid a day is like a toll order for Maria and highly encourage her family to do so. In her knowledge, the family is consuming 80-90% pure water and the rest is comprised of, a cup of coffee (caffeinated), regular soda (believed the artificial sweetener caused cancer), juices and permissible 2 to 3 bottles of beer for Leon occasionally a week.

Maria and the rest of the family members disclosed to sleep deprived person, similar to those busy families who struggles to work harder and harder every day to make a decent living. Maria works a 12-hour shift three times a week, while Leon, spending 12 hours working hour 6 days a week including his part time job as a maintenance landscaper. The couple is spending at least 2-hour drive going to work and coming home during their

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