Family Health Assessment Gcu

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Family Health Assessment

Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion

Family health assessment is an integral part of the formula used in creating a customized plan of care for the families’ health care. Family health assessment is also a tool that can be used to identify and evaluate the family’s health concerns, their life style and also helping families make good decisions regarding their family’s health. Family’s perception towards health and health promotion could be very different and unique, which makes the Family health assessment even more challenging for the nurses and health care professionals. Nurse’s have a moral obligation towards the society to help them promote their families health. The
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Elimination Healthy digestive system is needed to have a proper elimination. This family suffered from chronic constipation, irregular bowl patterns, gas and heart burns. High stress and taking multiple over the counter medications contributed to this families altered elimination patterns. Their diet consists of foods that have low fiber, high starch and high fat, resulting in the constipation. Father suffered from prostate problems, which made him wake up multiple times middle of the night to urinate.
Activity and Exercise Most of this family’s time is spent in front of television. Stay home mother does not cook in the house much, she orders the food from outside and she has hired a house made, who cooks and clean for the family. The mother stays indoors all day watching television and when the father returns from work he sits in front of the television as well. This family does not exercise nor does any kind of physical activity at home. This bad habit has been acquired by the children, who also suffer from lack of physical activity. Both children spend most of their time playing video games on the television or going on a texting marathons in their cell phones, all while sitting at one place.
Because of family’s unhealthy lifestyle both parents and children suffered from memory loose. Children especially had time learning and understanding language, resulting in poor academic performance. The husband

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