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Family Health Assessment: Analysis of Family Focused Questionnaire Renee Rao Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V August 31, 2014 While interviewing a families health patterns, there were many areas assessed. Several questions have been asked regarding numerous aspects of their life. These family focused questions will help us explore into their health, cognition and overall wellbeing. Based on the responses, a family diagnosis was formulated. In this paper, we will explore the questions and answers that have been provided. When investigating into their perception of health it was stated by the wife/mother, “Health is very important to us, however it has been a challenge because me, my husband and our children…show more content…
After I eat lunch, I feel very tired again. By the time I get home and eat dinner, I am exhausted.” When asked if she thought their eating patterns and lack of exercise may have been a contributing factor to this, she stated, “yes.” Another critical component assessed was the family’s elimination patterns. It was stated most household members urinate about six to eight time a day. All family members reported to have at least one bowel movement a day. The husband reported to have as many as three. The children did not report any bouts of constipation. However, both the husband and wife reported three to four episodes of constipated per month. When asked about the frequency of activity and exercise, all family members reported with the same answer. Exercise was not part of their daily routine, and their activity level was nil. However, the family did mention they would like to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, individuals with diabetes should exercise daily to help control blood sugar, cholesterol, strengthen the heart, lungs and bones, and help to prevent a heart attack or stroke (AHRQ, 2008). Cognitive function is another vital aspect to explore when evaluating one’s wellbeing. When asked about how times per week they woke up feeling groggy, the mother replied back with an

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