Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment
Shaila Rahman
Grand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health Promotion
Melanie Gray MSN
October 19, 2014

Family Health Assessment
Gordon's Functional Health Patterns provide a useful structural guideline that help nurse or any health care provider to assess any family’s health status and develop a nursing diagnosis according to their need to improve their quality of life. Through each of these eleven patterns of health assessment, nurse can create a systemic approach and gather information which help them to understand a family values from each prospect of human health status. The health assessment begin with asking two or three open ended questions to a selected family. This family is a young
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The mother thinks every woman has concerns or dislikes with their body but she feels very content being a stay at home mom and care provider for her husband. It brings her a lot of joy.
Role Relationship
The couple is very happy with their great partnership. The mother enjoys as being caregiver. She takes care of the home, make sure everything is neat and organized. She plans everything, and ensure that her husband has no worries in regard to home life. She expressed that she always try to be spontaneous and keep their relationship fresh so it does not get stagnant. Sexuality
Family looks little concern regarding their sexual life but overall, she thinks it is good.
It is part of life and a healthy relationship with her husband. Mother thinks that it might be wonderful if they manage to get away without the baby for a night to improve their sexual relationship.
The family looks very stress-free and relaxed. She stated that she does not really have a significant amount of stress, it is just the normal everyday things associated with parenthood and running a household. She feels relieved and rejuvenated when she runs. Father likes to go and play golf whenever he is stressed or in a bad mood.
It is very important to assess the strength and weakness of the family and gather all data base on the family assessment to improve

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