Family Health Assessment Essay

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HERITAGE ASSESSMENT GRAND CANYON UNVERSITY FAMILY-CENTERED HEALTH PROMOTION NRS-429V-0506 February 13, 2015 HERITAGE ASSESSMENT America having been a very welcoming nation with welcoming people continues to experience immigrants from other parts of the world in search of better living standards and employment opportunities, hence has a high growing population with diverse cultures .This writer is a new immigrant from Africa .For that reason it is important for nurses to learn the health practices from different group of people to familiarize themselves with differing cultures. This writer did a health heritage assessment on two other different families .This heritage assessment tool was very helpful to this writer in getting…show more content…
Health restoration among Americans entails return to the previous level of functional health, while at the same time maintaining the rest of the mental and physical health and preventing worsening of the current problem through acute care and rehabilitative care .Here Americans including this family use medications, surgeries ,other therapies like physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy depending on their conditions .While others have faith healing.(Maukowski, dec 23 2012) Health protection as practiced by this American family entails taking preventive ("cultural care considerations," “n.d”)measures like taking precautions for epidemics ,taking immunizations in which there are programs to immunize starting from birth till old age as described on the first paragraph .This family who are 75years and 72years normally take the influenza vaccine annually .They visit their physicians regularly and have screens of blood pressure and lipids done. They maintain healthy diet where they avoid high sugar and high fat diet.(Maukowski, dec 23 2012). The other family is

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