Family Health Assessment

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FAMILY HEALTH ASSESSMENT This assessment was conducted after interviewing the Nelson family using Gordon’s functional health pattern. Marjorie Gordon developed a method to be used by nurses in the nursing process to provide a comprehensive nursing assessment. It includes eleven principles for the collection of data and helps the nurse identify two or more wellness nursing diagnoses. It is a systematic and standardized approach to data collection (“functional health” n.d.). The Nelson family includes a husband and wife named Gerad age 31, Kelsey age 29, and their two daughters Elliot age 4, and Lucy age 2. I first met Kelsey at work where she is also a critical care nurse with a young family just starting out.…show more content…
The family’s long term plans are to stay in the Coachella Valley and raise the girls here. According to Kelsey her husband Gerad does a good job of sharing the household chores and she is in charge of the finances and daily chores around the house. The days that she works Gerad makes supper and takes care of the girls. Overall she feels that she is in charge however when she is feeling overwhelmed Gerad takes the lead. They have a large circle of friends whom they get together with at least twice a week. Alone time is very important to them therefore Gerad and Kelsey have a date night at least once a month. Their sexual relations are healthy and enjoyable, as Kelsey stated in the interview “it’s great, I love my husband and he loves me”. The only barrier they seem to run into is trying to find alone time with the girls around. Kelsey is gravida 2, para 2 and uses the implanted nexplanon birth control device. She does not have regular monthly periods with this device. The Nelson family copes with the stressors of life by having a great support system that includes a large circle of family and friends. They have been very blessed this year not to have any major lifestyle changes. All of their family lives in Minnesota but they visit a couple times a year. They have formed friendships here in the valley that has become more like family. One occasion they like to have a beer with dinner but

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