Family Health Assessment Using Functional Health Patterns

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Family Health Assessment using Functional Health Patterns
Micaela Simon
Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion
Melanie Escobar RN, MSN
September 6, 2012

Family Health Assessment using Functional Health Patterns
Assessment is the first tool in the nursing process in formulating health care plans for the individual as well as the family. A through assessment lays groundwork to promote family health (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, p. 175). The purpose of this paper is to examine one familys view of their health. The author will use several family focused questions addressing the 11 health patterns outlined by Gordon’s functional health
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A necessary element to promote health and prevent illness is engaging in regular physical activity. Neither one participates in any physical activity, but. The husband is sedentary at work primarily working at a desk behind a computer for 8 to 9 hours per day. He has difficulty walking or preforming any activity due to his weight, peripheral vascular disease and complaints of being to tired after work to do anything. When asked about sleep and rest patterns both states almost immediately after a evening meal they head to bed. On average both get greater than 8 hours of sleep. He states sleep in interrupted due to elimination patterns witch wakes his wife. Both feel tired and not rested in the morning. Family relaxation time consists of watching television on the weekends and before dinner during the week.
The cognitive-perception pattern focuses of sensory perceptions, how the family retains information and how they best understand the information provided (Staff, 2006). The family states getting health and medical information from their physicians during their regular routine visits, but admit to adjusting medication and health planning based of public information from television and friends and neighbors. Each member takes responsibility for making his or her own medical and dental appointments. Both admit that they do not regularly discuss each other’s medical or health issues with each other. They both

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