Family Health History Is A Powerful Tool For Screening Patients

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Family health history is a powerful tool for screening patients. Family nurses tracing the illnesses suffered by a patient’s family members can help predict the disorders patients and their families may be at risk for, and take appropriate action to help them maintain a healthy life. In this report I will complete a Genetic/Genomic Nursing Assessment on my friend and her family. I will discuss three generations of family members, identify health issues, and genetic traits. This report will contain the family’s ethnic background, reproductive history, and any growth and development variations. To further expand on this information I will evaluate my friend’s understanding, as well as her family, of their genetic health risks, identify health risk problems, and include nursing interventions. While most Americans have some degree of awareness regarding the importance of family heath history, most do not have a written profile, that being said, welcome to Patti’s genetic world. Family Members and Health History Anna, maternal grandmother died in her early 80’s, past medical history of cardiovascular disease, adult onset diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Abraham, maternal grandfather died in his 50’s from a work related accident, no known past medical history. Charles, paternal grandfather died at age 65 past medical history of asthma, and lung cancer. Agnes, paternal grandmother died at age 75 complications from hip fracture, past medical history of Alzheimer’s disease,
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