Family Health

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Family Health Assessment Family health assessments are an interactive way to gather information regarding family history and dynamics, level of knowledge and interaction. “Families provide the structure for many health-promotion practices; therefore, family assessment informs health-promotion and disease-prevention appraisal”. (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle, 2014, p. 150) This paper will review a completed family health assessment that addresses eleven separate topics. After reviewing and analyzing the information, appropriate wellness diagnoses will be identified. Including the whole family is important since “Family health practices, whether effective or ineffective, encompass activities performed by individuals or families as a whole to…show more content…
While none of the family members have any memory deficits, there is a strong family history of Alzheimer’s on the females said that does concern her. All of the senses seem to be intact, though the adult male states he has a decreased sense of smell related to his past smoking history. Self-perception and role relationships were discussed with the individuals separately and then together. The family dynamics are very traditional. While both parents work outside the home, all four members of the family agreed separately that the adult male was the disciplinarian. The adult female was frustrated at times with the lack of support from all members with household chores, describing the men in the household as “lazy”. The oldest child stated that the parents were easier on and had less expectations for the youngest. All members seemed to have respect and love for the others and the boys were respectful of their parents. Sexuality was the most uncomfortable topic for the boys to discuss. They left the room when their parents answered questions. The adults both felt their sex life was satisfying but not as frequent as they would like due to other household obligations and the need for sleep. The boys were both aware of ways to prevent pregnancy and STD’s and were able to discuss abstinence and condoms. The 15 year old was also aware that due to the medication he is currently taking for acne, if he did have sex two forms
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