Family Health Promotion

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For the nurse to be successful in its role towards family health promotion, it is important to familiarize itself with the Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns. These patterns serve as basis for nursing diagnosis and health promotion. It focuses on how developmental tasks are completed by the family, it assist with learning about health perception and beliefs; it also assists the nurse to formulate health promotional goals and ways to improve family’s overall health practices (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). This author will use the information collected from the Duarte’s family by using the eleven functional health patterns to identify risk factors and dysfunctions in order to identify areas of interventions, and promote positive …show more content…
Elimination assessment focused on bowel movements frequency, pattern of voiding, pain during urination if any, and appearance of stool and urine. The family does not have any elimination problems both in urination and bowel movement. Activity and exercise is one area where Mr. Duarte is very motivated. He views exercise as a hobby due to his sports background. They all appear to be in top shape despite unhealthy eating habits and limitations due to chronic back pain, none of them is obese or overweight. He attributes this to involving his children more in outdoor activities rather than let them watch television at home. They do not have problems with performing activities of daily living. Cognitive-sensory perception pattern for this family was assessed initially by judging cognitive functions such as; memory, language, and decision making, sensory perception such as pain, taste, hearing, vision, smell, was also assessed without any negative findings. Communication skills, rate of understanding, and response to questions seemed normal. Family has a good cognitive and sensory perception. The children do not seem to have any cognitive deficits in areas of learning, mental retardation, or answering age appropriate questions. Both parents are high school graduates; they both appear to have a normal

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