Family : Here And Now

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Family: Here and Now “Nana?” I called. “Yes, Nashia,” she answered. “I need to speak to you. Everyday I go to school and kids just bully me because I walk weird,” I bawled. “Sweetie you just have to ignore them and their stupidity,” Nana responded. “Ok thanks, Nana,” I stated. Nana said with a big smile on her face, “Love you and I am always here if you need me or to talk to.” Although she 's not there to beat up the bully she always has my back and that 's why I love you her so much. What would family be like without my grandmother? Family to others might just be a book, toy, game, or any object but to me my Nana is family. She is the only one that completes me. There is just this unbreakable bond between us. Whether it 's me sharing a story, situation, or eating coconut cake which she love to eat I will never forget the meaning of family as long as I have my Nana. Family is like coconut cake. Mostly sweet, with a few strings. If i didn 't have a family, who would I be able to share my feelings with? Who will ever understand what I 'm going through? What is life without our family. The world may never know if they do not know what family is to them. Family is the four layers of the coconut cake. It starts off with the outer frosting which is the beginning of your family where you get all the support and guidance you need. Then it leads into the layer of cake which is you get all the love and care because you the inside that is just needing to be filled with joy and
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