Family Heritage : Jane Arminda Delano

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Jane Arminda Delano INTRODUCTION
Family Heritage Jane Arminda Delano is of English descent. Her ancestors left New England in hopes of finding farming space of central New York. She was born in the town of Montour Falls, New York in 1862. Her Grandfather-Daniel Gerard Delano was a Baptist preacher, although she herself was Episcopalian. She is the youngest of 3, 2 older sisters, of George and Marry Ann Delano. Her father went to fight in the civil war and was sadly killed in the civil war. Miss Jane Delano unfortunately never met her father. After her father’s death, her mother remarried a widower, who had four daughters of his own.
Education/Professional Career The start of her career would be after attending Cook Academy and teaching district schools for two years. Miss Delano then became interested in becoming a nurse after speaking to a friend who went to India as a missionary nurse. She then went to Bellevue Hospital Training school for Nurses in New York in 1884 until 1886. With her outstanding performance in Bellevue, she was chosen to attend New York’s elected reform mayor during an ailment with sciatica in 1887. She could observe Abram S. Hewitt, an administrator in action, as he directed the citywide cleanup. Miss Delano’s next experiences deal with managing 2 communicable diseases. The first in 1888 in Jacksonville, Florida, where an epidemic of yellow fever broke out. During this time of yellow fever, Miss Delano was a superintendent nurse at Sandhill’s
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