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Family History Assignment The family history assignment was to enable us to gather information from a participant. Used the data collected to build a genogram going back three generation. To tell this families story by incorporating medical, spiritual, cultural, and ancestral history. Then to review the information and show areas that could be modified to decrease the risk of health problems. Family Members and Relationships Immediate family in this home include three generations. The participant is a 48 year old female, who is married, and works as a teacher. Her husband, the head of the household is male, 55 years old, and works as a fabricator. They have a 23 year old daughter who lives in the home, who works as a hair stylist. Another daughter 25 years old, who recently married and works as a teacher. Finally, living within the home is a 2 year old grandson who belongs to the youngest daughter. Family Life Cycle Stage This family is in the launching stage of the life cycle. New relationship with children as they grow into adulthood. One daughter having married and moved out, the other living in the home with a child bring about new issues in each relationship. New responsibilities in regards to meeting the needs of aging parents and grandparents. Being more of a caregiver than child, changing roles within the family dynamics. Also facing health needs of they own and in some cases death of family members. Family Story This family has roots that go way back in the

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