Family Identity Reflection Paper

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Meanwhile, at my house, my responsibilities played an important role in my identity. I hold the responsibility of being the eldest child and trying to be an example for my (two brothers and sisters) siblings. I had to learn basic maintenance of our house in a process. Basically starting with cleaning around the house, then the dishes. Later in a slow process I tried to help my mom in the kitchen, although it was difficult, I embraced my failed attempts, and eventually got the hang of it. This was helpful in recognizing my responsibilities and to gain skills in life. Furthermore, my responsibilities also introduced me the topic of gender role fomented in cultural beliefs. In cult, I learned that in the beginning God created Adam and Eve, and because of Eve’s and Adam’s disobedience, men and women’s roles were established in the earth. The role of women being the maintenance of the house, guidance of kids, and the submission to their husband. On the other hand, men’s role to provide for the family. Moreover, throughout history, gender roles had given authority to men, and in recent times this has been debated. The gender role system to an extend has been interpreted to favor men, but the main idea was to create a balanced system, not to lessen women. From what I was taught at home, the system in a family works if we all cooperate, and I agree. As well as all that surrounds us forms part of a bigger system, all have a role that needs to keep moving to function properly.
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