Family In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Joy Luck Club is about four families who starts a club called “The Joy Luck Club”. The Jong family, I read was about a girl named Lindo who her family treated her as if she wasn’t her daughter due to reasons. Also, this story explains Chinese Americans and how people see them differently, reveals conflict, and strength in families. While mothers teach their daughters through the crucible of their life experience and how they want a better life for their children. I mean, doesn’t every parent want to give their children a better life? Chinese American immigrants want a better life than what their mothers had and channel their efforts to make their daughter’s life better.
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In the chapter, Four Directions; “Oh, her strength! Her weakness-both pulling me apart. My mind was flying one way, my heart was another. I sat down on the sofa next to her, the two of us was stricken by the other. I felt as if I had lost a battle, but one that I didn’t know I have been fighting” (Waverly Jong 181). Amy Tan’s language is firm and strict, showing her religious beliefs from what she experienced from the past. This message from the book is telling me she wants her mother to understand what she is feeling inside and that she is still the same person. Such as not knowing why she cannot see eye to eye with her mother, which makes her think and feel like
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(pg. 53) Which was the necklace that Lindo’s mother gave Waverly. Waverly thought she was worthless compared to Lindo. Waverly’s mom gave her that necklace to show her love and know she is important too and who cares about others because Waverly is smart and has compassion for herself and knows what she is doing. Waverly has everything she needed, she just needs to believe in herself and love her for who she is. Her mother sees it but doesn’t show it as should. So, makes her think she isn’t good enough for anything. So, the necklace is suppose to build her strength and love
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