Family Income Level Affects Academic Performance

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Some may not want to believe that the world revolves around money, but it does. Goals in life cannot be taken anywhere without money. Money is the most important thing when it comes to quality education. Children from low income families academic performance is highly affected. Low income families struggle with educating their children. Income and wealth can affect education outcomes in a number of ways. Income has a direct impact on the affordability and accessibility of those education services which charge fees or if transport and other costs are significant. Low-income students as a group have performed than high-income students on most measures of academic success (Jensen). Family income level affects academic performance. A…show more content…
Low income parents have fewer children’s books in their homes and spend less time reading to their children, markers which are negatively associated with future academic performance (Mayer). Kids that don’t get proper education might end up spending their whole life or most their life working at minimum wage. Nowadays kids learn many different ways and use tools that are not cheap. Specially technology plays a huge role in education today and not every household can afford to have internet. Some households can’t afford to provide all the tools their kids need for their education. They need to follow and catch what they learn in school and try to apply it back home. In order to do this, students need to have the material inside and outside schools. However, low income households cannot help their students outside schools with all the materials. Income affects the child 's opportunities of being able to go to a good college or even a school with better education (Renzo and Leiva ). Income has the important effect of absences. When family is struggling financially the kids will most likely have to help take care of everything, affecting their attendance at school because they are busy at home trying to help support the family. It is likely that families with low income need their kids to help out around the house more. Instead of going to school, kids most likely to go to work or babysit while their parents are out making money.
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