Family Influences Our Personality, Behavior, Beliefs and Values

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The effects of family and culture can substantially influence one's personality, behaviours, beliefs and values, which correlates positively to the life experiences in part 1. Research has shown the significance of family interactions on stress levels, personality and behavioural traits on younger individuals. The young ones imitate the elders as they have yet to be independent and this process is considered to be an aspect of evolution, via increasing fitness. Environmental factors such as biological and social-cultural can also influence a child's personality. The culture one grows up in can affect their happiness, morality, mortality, behaviour and, once again, personality. By growing up and surrounding oneself with culture and all its…show more content…
Behavioural under-control is insufficient regulation of behaviour—lack of rules and restrictions— will find children who are susceptible to external pressure and may fall into influence of deviant peers (Barber). These children are more prone to engage in illegal activities. Psychological over-control is an environment that intrudes on both psychological and emotional development of a child, through manipulation or inclusion. Children growing up in this environment will have less opportunity for self discovery, slower individualization process leading to increased rates of anxiety and shyness. They may not be able to deal with pressure from the external world because of a lack of confidence from developmental difficulties (Barber). Parent's should just allow average expectable development to occur; the process of giving enough comfort and rules for children. Depending on the level of cohesion within a family, different types of problems can arise. Less cohesive families can lead children to have externalized personalities and highly cohesive ones can lead to internalized personalities. External personalities are impulsive, rebelliousness, and delinquency; whereas internalizing personalities have characteristics like social isolation, self hatred, and depression (Barber). Behaviours of animals can also explain human ones. Studies done on behaviours of animals, testing how environmental and social contexts can

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