Family Interaction In The Family

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INTRODUCTION The family is the most and fundamental building block of the society. The quality of interactions within the family is an indicator of the health of the unit. Family interaction is the interpersonal dynamics of the members of a family in a variety of environments and activities.1 The family is conceived as a “a unit of interacting personalities” (Schvaneveldt,1966). Family is a system consisting of interdependent and reciprocal relationships, hence the behavior of any family member will affect all the family members and disturbs the equilibrium. The interpersonal relationships that exist between members of the family are important for the dynamics of the family. Social interaction is a dynamic,…show more content…
The peculiarity consists in fact that family members interpret and define each other’s actions instead of merely reacting to them. This is done through the use of the symbol systems of communication.(Schvaneveldt,1966). It consists of those various socio- psychological transactions occurring in the family as a system, to evolve processes for decision making, emotional expressions, and personal views, assigning tasks, and social status enabling the family members to contribute for the growth of the family by generally morphogenesis at emotional, intellectual and social levels through the manipulation of internal and external milieu of the family as a whole ( 1986). Having a member with a chronic mental illness can be a challenge for the family. An illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder often runs a chronic course. Caring for such a member can be demanding on other members of the family physically, emotionally and financially. It impacts the functioning of the family unit in various ways, both positive and negative. Some authors opine that in order to understand the psychopathology of mental illness it is necessary to study the patterns of family functioning. 2 The interaction pattern within the family is one such indicator of the functional level of the
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