Family Interview Analysis

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The couple that I interview was a Mexican married couple name Maria and Juan. Maria is 78 years old and a retired nurse, and Juan is 80 years old and a retired Veteran. Maria completed her Bachelor Degree in Nursing at Indiana University Bloomington graduating at 23 years old, and Juan stated that he join the army after completing high school. Maria stated that she didn’t have a lot of racial/discrimination experience, however, Juan stated that he experience some discrimination in the service. Juan stated that many Causcian was chosen to be sergeant before Latinos. His feelings were hurt because he work so hard to be a sergeant, and they didn’t select him. He was finally selected near the middle of years that he was serving in the…show more content…
Some of the key cultural events this couple experience was many Cinco De Mayo events in different countries due to travel to country to country. The couple experience the best Cinco De Mayo festival in around 1951 when they were in Mexico. The couple stated that they celebrate Cinco De Mayo in the state of Pueblo, and they were many military parades, recreation of the Battle of Puebla, and festival events. The couple stated that they had so much while they were in service at Mexico around Cinco De Mayo.
Another key events that the couple experience is fighting in Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was very depressing, and many soldiers was killed. There were 3 million people, and 58,00 Americans that were killed during this war. Juan stated that it was many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, and the rates of divorce, suicide, alcoholism, and drug addiction were high. The couple stated that this event was a stressful time in their life seeing a lot of people dying and suffering. Juan stated that he lost many friends as soldiers, and experience depressions. Juan stated that he did not want to eat or sleep, but he remain humble and got through it on his own. I asked why he didn’t receive any help such as therapy, and Juan stated that he would keep his problems to himself, rather than, discussed his problems with a stranger who referring to a therapist. I stated to Juan the therapist could have been helpful through your
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