Family Interview

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Introduction In this essay, I will discuss my experience of interviewing a family and constructing a genogram guided by their narrative. For this task, I purposely chose a family that is very different from my family of origin in terms of their cultural heritage. I will reflect on differences and similarities between our families as well as my prejudices and hypothesis that I inevitably constructed before and during the process. To identify this family, I had to approach some colleagues proposing to them to participate in the interview. Fortunately, one of them introduced me to her friend. Francesca had an interest in psychology, and since she was free and not much committed, I did welcome her with a cup of coffee to share more about the…show more content…
It was suggested by Peter Marris (1980) that “with the disruption of life-long attachments and external stabilities, meanings get uprooted.” It seemed that during the interview talking about Matteo’s and Francesca’s families made them acutely aware of being very separate from the rest of their family. Francesca shared that experience of moving away from home “made them stick together and be stronger than ever”. I felt this satisfying my curiosity regarding the impact of migration on their relationship. From the moment they arrived the UK they have already met few Italian friends and this in combination with frequent calls with their family of origin helps them recover a continuity of personal meaning (Falicov, 1993). It made me reflect on my experience of migration and my difficulty of establishing a sense of continuity. It was so because I did not seek to connect with people from my country and wanted to avoid the very people who understood me best. I experienced shame for the political and economic situation in my country and in some way, my family. I desired to build a new life for myself regarding friends, occupation and belonging. I would purposely avoid Latvian or Russian people in the UK, which often left me feeling lonely and misunderstood by individuals from other cultures,
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