Family Interview Paper

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Our culture helps shape the type of people each of us become and the course we take throughout our lifetime. With a variety of cultures comes an unlimited array of life experiences which include similarities and differences between all groups of people. It is important to learn of another person’s experiences which will help expand our understanding of the world we live in. In order to get this understanding, I chose to interview a woman named Isabella who comes from a family that originated outside the United States. When her mother was still a child, she made her way from Mexico to the United States with her family in search of better opportunities. Her father was born in Spain and met her mother when visiting in the United States. Growing up in a home with two separate cultures helped Isabella become a well-rounded person and accepting of other…show more content…
The importance of the family unit was difficult for me to relate to because I was not close to extended family especially my father’s family. If we needed help, it was not appropriate to go to family for assistance. You did it on your own. I was taught success depended on what the individual was capable of accomplishing on their own without outside help. My husband was brought up to believe the same way and has had the same experiences with his family. He graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering and found it impossible to find a job due to a lack of opportunities available. Even though his cousin owns a very successful engineering firm in Utah, it is also his family’s belief you do not mix family and business. If extended family members need help in any form, it is rarely offered because extended members of the family are not valued. My husband, myself, and our daughter have learned to value each other and depend on one another. The three of us is all we have which is very different compared to Isabella’s family
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