Family Is A Big Part Of Life

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Psychology of Family: Family Paper Chioma Iwuagwu Texas Women’s University November 18th 2014 Family Paper Family is a big part of life because it regulates the actions of many people. It defines one’s sense of belonging and worth. The beginning steps of interaction and communication start with family. The type of communication learned from family help develop the interactions one has with society. There are many factors that influence the beliefs of individuals on society. One important factor is ethnicity. Based on ethnicity, the appropriate social norms and behavior may differ. By comparing different ethnicities, better observations can be made across different families in terms of personal beliefs such as religion, marriage, children and education. This paper will help to identify the similarities and difference between ethnicities and how they impact family life and relationships. To begin building a family, many couples get married. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions made in life and often leads to the creation of children. Based on the upbringing and background of the family, the children may carry out similar behaviors. Many ethnicities have different beliefs regarding characteristics of possible marriage partners. Discussions from lecture suggest that age at the time of marriage is very important, because through life experiences many people have changes in personality and beliefs as age increases (Strong & Cohen, 2014). Among the
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