Family Is A Group Of People Who Live

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My definition of family is a group of people who live in the same household. A family doesn’t have to be related by blood but, they should share a close relationship. This relationship can be shown through interactions that show that they care. This can be simple action like expressing verbally that you care about your family members. To me, a family should be at least 2 people but it can be larger. My own family does follow my definition of family since we are comprised of 6 people and we all live together. We are all related by blood and we do share a close relationship. I do consider some of my friends like my family but I don’t consider them the same as my biological family. They are important in my life but my relationship with them…show more content…
My Dad is a former Marine so he values following rules and doing what you’re told. My family values education, personal responsibility and respect. Education is very important in my family. My parents taught me to strive for high grades from the moment I started school. They made sure my siblings and I always did our homework and kept up with our teachers on how we were doing. When we were younger my mom would always sit down with us and look over our homework to make sure it was done right. In high school, my parents still made sure I was doing well in my classes. They pushed me harder in high school since they really wanted me to get a scholarship for college. Personal responsibility is also highly valued in my family. My siblings and I were always taught that you are responsible for your choices. Lastly, respect is highly valued in my family. We always treat each other with respect. This is especially true when it comes to my grandparents and my parents. We were taught to help our grandparents out or to talk to them by either going to their house or calling them to see how things were going. My grandparents on my mom’s side live across the street from my family so this was an important family since we saw them a lot. The focal system within my family is my immediate family which consists of my dad, mom, sister Katie and brothers Austin and Ryan. The suprasystem is my extended family. This would include my grandparents on both my mom and dad’s side. My
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