Family Is A Natural And Fundamental Group

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According to the textbook, family is a natural and fundamental group in society and is entitled to protection by the states and society (Sociology in our Times Diana Kendall p 331). Yet, this does not mean that the definition of family and the composition or needs of family are the same around the world. In some countries, family might mean only people related to you by birth or marriage. From my fellow Americans’ point of view and mine, family can be anyone that shares a deep bond or friendship, people who live together, someone who was adopted into a family and the general idea of family by birth or marriage. Whether the bonds of friendship or the bonds of family are more important remains to be seen. While some people religiously quote “blood is thicker than water,” which means that family is more important, others prefer the theory that “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,” which means that bonds formed by choice are stronger. This year was a giant step for homosexual and transsexual people, gay marriage was legalized in more than one country, and people have been raising awareness for transsexual people. Now a gay couple can easily become a legal family, and because it is no longer a social stigma to the majority, it is easier for a homosexual couple to adopt. In countries where polygamy is legal one’s family may consist of only wives or husbands, while another person could have spouse, children, parents and a close circle of friends they
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