Family Is A Role Model

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Family is a word that many hold dear to their hearts. Family is defined as “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household.” So in society’s eyes, the typical “family” would include a mom, dad, and siblings. However, that is not the case. Family can be a protector, a therapist, and a role model.
Family is someone who protects you. Generally, when someone thinks of a protector they think of a spouse or older sibling. Your spouse will be the one to protect you from a burglar or even some creepy stalker. It’s just like in the movies where the couple hears an alarming noise at night so the wife hides in the bed while the husband picks up a baseball bat and goes to check it out. The same goes for a sibling. In school normally the big brother protects his little sister from bullies, and vice versus. It is an everyday occurrence, someone is always being protective and that individual is commonly considered family. However, there is another type of protector that most have and should be considered family as well.
Another type of protector that is well known for doing just that is a pet. For instance, police train their German Shepard to be K-9. The dogs protect them and they protect their dog. Same goes for anybody; they buy dogs to serve as protectors from criminals. All over social media, people post about how their pets are considered family to them. And it isn’t just dogs; it’s any kind of pet one owns. A characteristic that a protector holds is not
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