Family Is An Definition Of Family

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What is a family? The definition of family can be defined in many different ways. According to Merriam- Webster’s definition of family is, “A group of people related to each other” (Merriam-Webster 1). Although family can be defined as a relative, it can also mean a group of people who share the qualities of a family, such as caring, loving, and supportive. When playing in a team sport, it is necessary that all of the teammates share a special bond. During the previous volleyball season, the team struggled to find a connection between the players because they had never played together nor were all of them friends outside of volleyball. As the season progressed, the bond between all of the players grew despite some challenges. The team developed into a family. Everyone had each other’s back no matter what, and everyone was supportive. This is what a family is. Even though some roadblocks and problems may occur, a family will always be there whether it be there all the time, and it does not matter if they are related or not. A family should support, love, and take care of each other no matter the circumstances. A family will always support each other’s beliefs even if they do not agree. Sometimes a family can fall apart due to different views and beliefs, but Nicole Chilivis explains in her article, “Humble connections: staying in challenging relationships” how her and her brother worked together to plan their uncle’s funeral even though they did not agree. Chilivis writes,…
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