Family Is An Important Influence On A Child 's Life

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In the past, children were raised on the streets or lived in orphanages. However, time has changed and today children get raised by their single-parents, stepparents, grandparents, or another parental figure. All this is now possible due to the procedure of adoption, which has become an important aspect worldwide. Adoption allows the children who have no parents feel the benefits of parental care. Family makes an important influence on a child’s life. Children depend on parents to protect, support, and give them guidance in life. Adoption agencies help children feel that love and connection by finding them a place to call home. In order to adopt a child, adults go through an adoption process. This process takes time…show more content…
are eager to take them in. For example, they ask agencies to take the child when they have a little or no resources to survive or just live in a poor country. The birthparents give their children up for adoption because they believe life in America will offer a new hope. However, some adoption agencies offer programs for children to visit their birth country. In her newspaper, “Adopted children Learn About Heritages through Trips” (2015). Beth Benrendt claims that adopted children should have the chance to visit their birth country, to gain an educational and meaningful experience. Benrendt develops her argument by using the following families who have been in this situation, in order to convince the reader’s that allowing the child to visit their birth country is beneficial. Her purpose is to inform readers that heritage can be learned and interpreted through trips. She suggests arranging a tour and allowing the child to visit their birth country, will make them learn tradition and first-hand exposure to that lifestyle. Allowing a child to visit the country they were born is necessary because learn about their background. Some agencies take in children in need of help from another country. They offer a program called, “Orphan Hosting.” It is categorized within a child’s own country. This program gives people a time to meet and see the awaiting adoption kids. Some even inspire families to consider children they had not considered
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