Family Is Not As Harmful At Times As Economic Struggle And Lack Of Communication

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Introduction Families in our nation have evolved over the past few decades. One thing is for certain, children need the support of their families regardless of the makeup or division of the family. Children are adversely effected by situations that the family encounters. Divorce is not as harmful at times as economic struggle and lack of communication with the children over such issues. Finally, the family is defined by blood and extension. Those that children are closest to are the ones that influence them.
Children and Kinship Children build a kinship base on their involvement with their families. Kinship is the relationships with others to whom children are related to or they feel a sense of family or relatedness toward (Mason and Tipper, 2008, p. 442). As I read Mason and Tipper article on “BEING RELATED, how children define and create kinship,” this article reflected on the socioeconomic, ethnic and cultural background of a selected number of children that was interviewed (Mason and Tipper, 2008, p. 442). I learned that children’s kinship was not reckoning processes were highly creative and inclusive but provided meaning that children who experience parental divorce or separation create who they consider to be their family. No matter how conventional or unconventional status of the parent kinship (heterosexual marriage, nuclear or single kinship) (Mason and Tipper, 2008, p. 443). Overall, this article implicates children’s reckoned and practices of kinship.
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