Family Is The Head Of Our Family

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Family has always been very important to me, on both sides. On my mother’s side of the family my great grandmother, who died last year at the age of ninety-nine, was considered to be the head of our family. It is because of what she endured that I am who I am today. Mother was blind, so we believed that if Mother can push trough not being able to see and get things done then there is no reason that we can’t achieve our goals as well. Growing up both of my parent was in my life, as well as another influential person in my life’ is my grandmother. She is 80 and a preacher, I grew up in the church, my faith has been that of Christianity. My mother and her sisters and brothers are also Christian. I have two sisters. We went to church a lot growing up, we were taught to listen to everyone at the church and you respect them as there your parents. We were raised to respect our elders at all time even outside of church. We were taught not to cuss or lie because it would not be tolerated, and that was a sin against our faith. My sisters and I were also raised to believe in the Golden Rule and still do, “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”. I had abided by all of these rules growing up until around 4th grade, Piaget from the book Development through the lifespan would identify this as my transitioned period. Puberty started for me. My period came on at school, my teacher called my mother and I was told to walk home and put a pad on. I had no clue what a pad was but

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