Definition Of Family Essay

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Position Paper on Family
Arais Farah

Family is comprised of a group of two or more individuals related by birth, marriage, and or adoption residing together in a household. Family is an social institution which functions in nurturing both emotionally and financially. This definition of family is the most definitive and sensible definition of family because it describes all aspects of family, and the emotional needs of everyone making up the family. Families that meet the description of my definition tend to be successful as a family. The definition also aligns itself to the common U.S laws of family and family rights. It is an advantageous definition because it outlines what a family not only is, but what it should be if it wants to be a successful family. I use the term success because a successful family is one that is emotionally and financially stable, with values and goals. A stable family is a united family. Now when you think about your traditional family, you assume a family is comprised of a heterosexual couple of husband and wife, two or three kids living in a traditional home. This traditional family is assumed to be able to carry out the tasks of family in providing financial and emotional support, teaching them the social skills to function out in society, and to respect external authority as well as maintaining authority and control within the family. The debate is whether or not non traditional families can provide the same pillars and structure

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