Family Is The Most Important Part Of Being Social

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A family is the most important part of being social and in this essay I will demonstrate how this is an important socialization agent. Families have changed over the course of years from traditional to nontraditional and with this people have suffered due to this change. During this chapter I have learned how important it is to focus on the primary structure of family. Family shows how important it is to work hard and achieve goals that are dignified in today’s society. So during this paper I will try to demonstrate some of these important techniques.
Family is the first example of socialization of a child. When a child is born the person they see is their mother, father, or doctor in most cases. But they become more familiar with parents, because after they leave the hospital they live the parents. The children learn how to react to certain situation for example if they are hungry they cry. During this stage is when the child can demonstrate to the parent that they’re hungry. Later the child pays close attention to the parent’s body language, facial gesture, and tone of voice. Family is the foundation or glue that holds an individual together. In some situations where there is no family bond or structure the child my not cope very well with society, because they don’t understand the bond, values, or norms. For example if a child was never taught how to take care of something or felt love themselves they would have a hard time showing that affection in return. Family can
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