Family Is The Most Important Thing Of A Child 's Life

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Family is the most important thing in a child’s life. The family provides the child with motivation, and serves as an example in helping children develop beliefs and understanding what is right and wrong. Overall, a child’s family is going to give the child lifelong connections through love, support, and belonging. Research has shown that family involvement in a child’s life, specifically in their education, has had numerous significant benefits, and schools are taking more actions to get families more involved in their child’s education. One of the most important skills to develop in early childhood students is literacy skills to help them as more complex reading happens. In order to develop these strong literacy skills, we give children…show more content…
In year 2, 39% of the parents were doing 31-50 lessons. The final year, parent participation in these lessons rose to approximately two thirds of the parents. The results during the years at the school presented that the more Fast Start activities completed then the more words students got correct when tested. During the 2010-2011 school year, students who completed 0-10 parent Fast Start activities averaged at around 72% of words correct per minute or WCPM while students who completed 31-53 Fast Start activities had a mean of around 97% WCPM (Crosby, Rasinski, Padak, & Yildirim, 2015.) There are some limitations, however, these research articles presented. First, the Fast Start study presented the limitation that the results from the studies were only effective after consistent, long-term periods. Without consistency, it is difficult to create the same successful results presented above. It is difficult to keep parent’s consistently involved in making sure their child is continuing to be in the Fast Start program. This can be especially hard when you think about parents who do not speak English and cannot support their child with developing their literacy skills. This is a constant struggle, and it stills remains in question about how to support these students when they aren’t able to get the direct help from home. When we also think about how the family involvement in their child’s education creates benefits, we can see ways where
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