Family Is The Principal Institution Of Education

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Traditionally, the family is the principal institution of education. That the child acquires in childhood in the family, he retains throughout the whole life. The importance of the family as an institution of education due to the fact that it is in the child during his life, and the duration of its effects on the person or one of the institutions of education cannot be compared with the family. Family can provide both positive and negative factors of education. Positive impact on the child 's personality is that no one but the family is close to him in the family people - mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, does not apply to the child, does not like it and does not care much about it. And yet no other social…show more content…
Family - it 's a special kind of team that plays in the education basic, long-term and vital role. The anxious mothers often have anxious children; ambitious parents often suppress their children so that this leads to the appearance of their inferiority complex; intemperate father coming out of himself at the slightest provocation, often, unwittingly, creates a similar type of behavior in the children, etc. A child brought up in a family where personal examples for him are the parents receives training for further social roles: men or women, wife or husband, mother or father. In addition, there is quite a strong social pressure. Children are usually praised for behavior consistent with their gender, and blamed for the actions inherent in the opposite sex (Pugh, A., 2009). Proper sex education of the child creates a sense of belonging to their sex constitute one of the foundations for the further development of their personality "What I 'll be in twenty years or thirty?" - Many women ask themselves this question. But some of them thought about the similarities with the mother (now or in the future) that are seriously disturbing and even frightening. In order to show these connections we should refer to the causes of children 's problems. Mental trauma (change of residence, the birth of her second child, loss of a parent, and the transition to a new school, violence, etc.). Long-term stressful situations; Severe family
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