Family Leadership : The Highest Of Leaders, Followers, And Teams Essay

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Covenant Leadership produces the highest performing leaders, followers, and teams through committed, motivated and trusted relationships. Covenant leadership is an understanding of life that integrates leadership, ethics, and the work and private characteristics of life into one whole.

Identification and discussion of preferred core character leadership values, including rationale for their selection (2 pages)
Each one of us is a leader in our circle of influence. We all have different set of core values based on our unique experiences. Core values help leader lead in a more productive and stress free manner. In leadership, competencies define what a leader can do; commitment determines what leaders want to do, and character determines leaders’ act. Leadership character is foundational for effective decision-making. Core values are central beliefs that leaders hold because of the worth of those values to them and those values are part of a leader’s DNA. They define what a person stands for; underline a predictable and final set of behaviors and skills. Core values are true values because they correspond to person’s reality. Usually, people have what is important to them and values influence behavior because people pursue more of what they value. Values give direction to leader’s behavior; values are dynamic and are largely derived from part of environment that people live in for instance, home, school, work, friends, clubs, other experiences, and social influences that may

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